Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chilean food and Dutch apple pie

Last year, in October, the weather was still warm and I decided to prepare a Chilean meal and a Dutch apple pie for dessert. I learned to make "Chilean empanadas" (meat pies) and "pastel de choclo" (it's a kind of corn pie) watching my mother make them. The Dutch apple pie  (appel taart) I learned to make it watching my mother in-law, who is Dutch. It's funny, but these meals describe very well who I'm: a combination of many nationalities.
Hope you enyoy this meal too!


Patricio Villalobos R. said...

hi Monica, i always follow your blog, and i have learned very much, i am from Chile and i am very surprised that you know Chilean food, personally i love El Pastel de Choclo, and my wife cooks it excelent jejejeje... well, thank you very much for your class. A big hug. Patricio Villalobos R.

Frenk said...

Cool blog your having! Very interesting combination here. If you plan using Dutch apple pie again, use my friend's recipe from
simple, yet yummy! cheers.

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