Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stuffed Koala From An Old Sweater

Materials and tools:

- An old sweater (I used an old wool dress)
- A piece of black felt for the eyes and nose
- A piece of cardboard to fill the ears
- Scissors
- Thread matching the color of your sweater
-Chalk to mark the template
-Polyester fill


1) Get an old sweater (I used a wool dress that shrank -wrong washing machine cycle-)
2) y 3) Enlarge templates to the desire size on a photocopier. My Koala is about 10 inches (25 cm) long. Cut out the templates.
4) Pin the templates to the fabric and mark them with chalk leaving 1/8 inch (1cm) seam allowance. Cut them out.
5) Stitch sides and underbelly facing inwards. Leave an opening at the head to stuff  later. Don't stitch the claws yet (they are too narrow to turn).
6) Turn right side out. Stuff with polyester fill.
7) Stitch ears placing inside a piece of cardboard to make them stiff. Stitch ears, eyes and nose onto the head. Use white thread to mark the pupils.
8) Finally, stitch the claws.

Inspired by Martha Stewart


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