Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How To Make A Pencil Roll From A Place Mat (Tutorial)

Ever since I saw in Florence (Italy) a wonderful leather pencil roll that was way over my budget I've been dreaming of having one. 
After I saw on Pinterest so many different pencil rolls, I got inspired and I decided to make my own using a place mat. Yes, it's not leather, but I also like it a lot.
Materials: One cotton fabric place mat (I got mine at Butlers'), thread, clear plastic film about half the size of the place mat, (to cover the inside in case your place mat is light-colored), 34 inches (1 meter) of ribbon and a sewing machine.
1. Fold the place mat at about half the length of the pencils.  Then, sew pockets for each pencil taking into account the width of the pencils.

2. My place mat is white, so I decided to cover the inside with a clear plastic film, the same type used to protect book covers.

3. This is the result after covering it with a clear plastic film on the inside.
4. Get a  piece of ribbon matching the color of your place mat. I got a meter (39 inches) and cut it into two pieces. Sew one piece of ribbon on the edge, and another on the middle to be able to wrap and tie it.

Voilà! You're done.


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