Saturday, May 5, 2012

Learning How To Draw A Horse

Drawing of a horse inspired by Da Vinci.

I haven't talked  about my love for Leonardo Da Vinci yet. Ever since I went to his village (Vinci, in Tuscany, Italy) and I saw the  museum Leonardiano, I've been crazy about this great artist (engineer, painter, sculptor, philosopher). His capacity to invent, paint, design and create was absolutely overwhelming. I doubt that there has been anybody else like him in the history of humankind.

Views from Vinci. Tuscany.

Entrance to the museum Leonardiano.
Museum Leonardiano. Machines created by Leonardo.

I couldn't believe he thought of a diver. How was this possible considering he lived n the 15th century?

Going for a walk in Vinci.

This horse is drawn on the street. There is beauty everywhere. Italians are so creative.

Also on the street.

Finally, the Vitruvian Man.


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