Friday, August 17, 2012

Cats Bookmarks DIY

My mother was very pleased when I gave her the bookmarks of her cats: Sofi and Cuca.

 I was inspired -of course- by Pinterest to make these bookmarks, but I decided to add one small twist: to make them using the drawings of our family pets. People who have pets love having their own pet in the picture.

As you'll see, the are very easy to make, and your friends, or family, are going to be very happy if you give them a personalized pet bookmark as a gift.

Here is what you have to do.

What you need:
-White card
-Colored pencils
- Markers
-A photo of your pet where you can see well your pet's head.
-Plastic film.
- A ruler.
- A pair of scissors

1. Cut the card about 5cm/2" wide and 20cm/7,8" long.
2. Draw the pet's head on one end of the card, using your pet's picture as a reference.
3. Decorate the rest of the card as you wish. I chose butterflies and the pet's names.
4. Cut out the shape of the head so that the ears stick out.
5. Cover the bookmark with one layer of plastic film on each side.
Tip: Cut out the plastic film leaving an edge of about 1cm/0,3" so that you can adjust to the size of the bookmark later by trimming it. Good luck!

Want to see the photos of the pets that inspired these bookmarks?


dipandra said...

I enjoy the Cuca's one, because it looks like my Rodrigo.

Really good!

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